Build Your Career

Build Your Career

Objectives for the build your career workshop

(1 day) ; (inhouse or public workshops, tailored to your specific needs)

How to find meaning and purpose in your career:

People are more successful, energised and productive when their career is their passion. Use the initial part of this workshop to explore how your career links to your own individual success story…

  • What role does work play in relation to meaning and life purpose?
  • Prepare for career changes: the impact and the opportunities they create
  • How to build a career that relates to your own sense of meaning and purpose

How to prepare for an interview:

Finding the right job is one thing; applying for that job is a new challenge. Learn about how recruiters think, what they are looking for and how to give yourself the best chance for success when applying for the job that you want…

  • How can I market myself effectively through my CV and cover letter?
  • First impressions last! How can I impress recruiters?
  • What questions will I be asked in an interview and how do I answer them?
  • Interview etiquette: what to do and what not to do
  • How do I negotiate the salary stage?

How to start your own business:

You may well be at a crossroad in your life: do you apply for the next job, or is this the time to start your own business? If you consider yourself a possible entrepreneur, you will be asking key questions about how to start a business, what type of business to start, or even what makes a successful entrepreneur? Answer these pressing questions and many more…

  • Understand entrepreneurship: do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
  • What types of business are available for entrepreneurs?
  • How do I prepare a business plan?
  • Where do I get the money?
  • How do I market myself?
  • I want to start! What are the first steps I need to take?

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to build their career
  • Those at a crossroads in their career
  • Those undergoing career changes

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