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Reinhard Moors

Reinhard Moors

Executive Coach and Facilitator of Innovation | M. A. Professional Coaching (Middlesex/UK)

Reinhard is recognised as an International Coach and Facilitator who has inspired and facilitated individual and team development for over 20 years. As a key player in the field of innovation and creativity, Reinhard is committed to unlocking his clients’ true potential and accelerating their personal success through identifying and overcoming the barriers that limit their thinking and growth.

As a Coach, Reinhard uses international, multi-faceted tools to empower his clients to practice out of the box solution-finding and problem solving, become more resilient and change agile, optimise their career pathing and embrace their current circumstances to ‘choose bravely, ‘live now’ and excel in their fields.

Reinhard is also passionate about giving Leaders and Managers the tools they need to continually unlock optimum potential in people around them. Using interactive and practical Coaching Workshops, Reinhard equips Managers to learn courageous conversation techniques, empowering performance development interactions and conflict management approaches. As a result, Managers on all levels have reported being able to improve their working and personal relationships, as well as boost productivity. All Workshops are aligned to ICF criteria and together form an internationally accredited Coaching qualification.

As a Facilitator, Reinhard has worked with national and international organisations to create Think Tanks that produce leading edge ideas and strategies for systems and products. His passion is working with Leaders and Managers, equipping them with the tools to continually apply forerunning thinking strategies and approaches.

Reinhard has also lectured at Stellenbosch University in Entrepreneurship and Practice Management, and at The South African College of Applied Psychology in Coaching Practice.

His working languages are English and Afrikaans.

Jane Moors

Jane Moors

Facilitator, Consultant and Coach | BA Hons – (UCT)

Jane Moors has over 18 years’ experience in the Recruitment Industry as Recruitment Consultant, Trainer, Area Manager and Owner of her own Recruitment Consultancy. Since 2006, she has focused her skills and experience in delivering interactive, expert driven Training Workshops for national and international corporate organisations and recruitment consultancies. Her Workshops focus mainly on the on the full Recruitment Process and Competency Based Interviewing Skills, as well as Client Delight.

Jane is passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives. This has led her to add to her skills as an internationally accredited Business Coach. Jane coaches corporate clients who want to improve their working relationships, develop their ability to inspire and motivate their teams, become more effective communicators and hone their public speaking and presentation skills.

Feedback from Jane’s training and coaching interventions reflects her ability to set diverse groups and individuals at ease. She is able to effectively facilitate skills development within a relaxed and positive environment.

Susan Fouche

Susan Fouche

Coach, Facilitator and Consultant | BBA (NW), Gallup Coach

Susan is a Human Capital Management Practitioner with more than two decades of Human Capital Management experience in the Financial Services, Technology and more recently FinTech & EdTech industries and have worked and coached extensively across Africa and the Middle East. More recently she has lead & designed an online coaching program for Digital Frontiers Institute, a project of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. As an associate to Outerbox she focusses on Organisational Development, Facilitation and Coaching. Susan deploys a systemic approach to learning & change focussing her interventions and knowledge journeys at organisational, team and individual level.

As a coach, her approach is centred around helping clients gain an improved understanding of self that will lead to greater fulfilment, efficiency, performance and personal contentment. As a team coach, she aims to build common understanding and respect that leads to improved collaboration, effective performance and engagement.

Susan holds a BA from the University of the North West as well as various qualifications in Organisational Development and Change Management. She is a Gallup Certified Coach and a Nancy Kline Thinking Environment Facilitator in practicum.

Susan’s working languages are English and Afrikaans.

John Muir

John Muir

Capacity Development Facilitator and Coach | B Prim Ed (UCT)

John has worked for the last 20 years in the Social Development field. He is passionate about helping both individuals and organisations unlock their collective energies and potential.

John has spoken and facilitated on Human and Organisational Capacity Development and Leadership on 3 continents. He has worked extensively with NPO’s, Parastatals as well as Government Departments in the SADC, West and East Africa regions. John has been able to successfully use a unique blend of cultural sensitivity and humour to affect positive outcomes in diverse and complex settings.

John is an accredited Assessor and Life Coach. He is also a Master Trainer (UNDP) in the Community Capacity Enhancement Programme.

Dr. Amel Karboul

Dr. Amel Karboul

Executive Coach | Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring (Oxford Brookes University), MSc Engineering (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Amel Karboul has spent 10 years leading engagements that require a strong understanding of the interplay of change, leadership and culture in global DAX and Fortune 500 businesses as well as family enterprises and Non-Profit organizations. She is an experienced Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach, focusing on systemic approaches to learning and change leadership at the organizational, team and individual level. Amel has been in the field of organization consulting, organization development, leadership training & development as well as coaching for the last 13 years.

Amel is also a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network (US and UK), visiting faculty member at ZFU (Switzerland), member of the strategic management society (SMS) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Amel conducts programs in Arabic, French, English and German.

Dr. Kailas Kassan

Dr. Kailas Kassan

Coach; Counselling Psychologist | PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision and MSc - Community Agency Counseling (Auburn University USA)

Kailas is passionate about the role she plays in facilitating people’s journey towards authenticity and finding meaning and purpose in their lives. She has worked with persons from different types of occupational environments and at different walks and stages of life, and is deeply curious each about each new person she encounters in her consultancy.

Kailas sees her role being to assist people to uncover the obstacles to their growth, and to partner with them to find ways of moving forward. She applies to her work her deep understanding of and insight into people from her Counselling Psychology background. She has experience of working in corporate, public sector, academic and NGO environments, which enable her to support people in similar contexts from an informed basis, as they move forward toward realisation of their potential, making their experience of change and growth as safe and gratifying as possible.

As a coach, Kailas employs an integrated, goal-focused model that takes into account the different types of goals that people strive to achieve, and how the process of change is likely to impact upon what they set out to achieve.

Kailas is certified to administer the following: the full range of SHL tools, Cognitive Process Profile, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Levels of Work Assessment (II and III) and COPAS

Languages English, Afrikaans and Gujerati (Limited working proficiency)

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk

Executive Coach | Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring (Oxford Brookes University), MSc Engineering (Berlin) MBA (Maryland)

Marcus is an extensively experienced global innovation consultant, facilitator and trainer with broad, hands-on entrepreneurship, engineering and psychology expertise.
He has a proven ability to design and deliver interactive workshops, high-quality learning programs, change initiatives and compelling events. His key organizational contributions include: increased cultural innovation, creative of out of the box solutions, and enhanced leadership skills and capabilities through executive coaching and training. Marcus’ geographical reach covers Europe, USA, Asia and Africa and his core areas of expertise are:

New Product and Service Development, Innovation Management, Creative Leadership Development, Key Note Speeches, Creativity & Innovation Workshops, Executive Coaching

Marcus is an Associate Faculty Member at the Center for Creative Leadership since 2005 and Educator at Duke Corporate Education, London, since 2010. He facilitates open enrolment programs, as well as customized leadership development programs. He also coaches international clients to meet challenges and change. Marcus is a guest lecturer at the University of Cologne, Germany.

His working languages are German and English.

Fred Bakker

Fred Bakker

Executive Coach | Certificate in Practitioner Coaching (SACAP), Certificate in Treasury Management (UNISA), Bachelor of Business Science (UCT)

Fred coaches individuals dealing with the challenges of change, development and performance in organisations. He has a successful track record coaching executives in a corporate environment as well as entrepreneurs managing their own companies. He believes in the value of empowering the individual and encouraging each person to take charge of their lives and careers, manage change and perform at their best. His work experience is extensive and includes twelve years as a treasury dealer in banking and five years teaching mainly business English in Japan. He has focused on coaching full-time since June 2004. Fred communicates well at all levels and is an effective motivator without losing sight of the practical steps required to achieve both personal and organisational goals.

He also trains and set-up Peer Learning Groups and perform a role as ‘Integrator’ and Action Learning Coach on management development programmes.

His working languages are English and Afrikaans and speaks German on a conversational level.

Monene Murray

Monene Murray

Executive Coach| B Ing (US) Certificate in Coaching (USB)

Monene started her professional career after completing an Industrial Engineering degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1991, gaining business experience in various corporate companies. During this time, she held roles that range from Industrial engineer, Line manager, Business analyst, Project manager, Programme manager to Business consultant.

In 2007 she completed a Certificate in Coaching Practice through University of Stellenbosch Business School and subsequently has formally been Coach, Mentor and Consultant to business leaders, specialists, middle to senior managers and teams in medium to large organisations (covering manufacturing, travel, IT, defense, marketing services, NGO and financial services industries).
She has engaged in further studies on the psychological dimensions of coaching through the University of Cambridge in 2010.

Monene aims to provide a safe environment for a client to become more self-aware, exploring the potential alternatives and select the custom fit options that will be implement-able. She can also assist the client in the creation of an action plan and providing implementation support.

Monene believes that critical elements for an effective coaching relationship are confidentiality, trust, honesty with respect, authenticity, integrity, commitment and responsibility. Her coaching approach is informed by Carl Roger’s person centered approach, Peter Senge’s systems thinking and 24 years of business, project and programme management experience.

Her working languages are English and Afrikaans.

Nicky Terblanche

Nicky Terblanche

Executive Coach | MPhil in Management Coaching (cum laude) (USB), MScEng (electronic) (Univ. of Stellenbosch)

Nicky specialises in business and transformational coaching at a senior and executive leadership level. Business coaching is about helping the individual reach their goals while considering the needs of the business. Transformational coaching is about taking a long hard look in the mirror, forming an understanding of what you see and then having the courage to undertaking the necessary work to change.

His analytical ability (honed as engineer) combined with his interest in Systems Thinking and Complexity Theory equips him to assist his clients to make sense of the complex world of corporate business. He helps them to identify patterns of thinking and behaviour that are either assisting or restricting growth.

He has coached at senior levels in various companies in South Africa and has led workshops in 20 countries in Africa, Middle East and Latin America. He also consults in the IT industry as an analyst, solutions and enterprise architect. He is also a research supervisor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School on the MPhil Coaching and MBA programs and lectures on the MBA programme. He is currently busy with a PhD in leadership transitions.

Johan Brits

Johan Brits

Executive Coach | BA (Ed) (University of Pretoria), BA Hons (History) (University of South Africa), BA Hons (Industrial Psychology) (RAU), Certificate in Coaching (i-Coach & USB) (Stellenbosch)

Johan is an executive coach with extensive experience in leadership & management development, training & people development, levels of work and organisational development. He has presented and facilitated leadership development programmes to senior management teams, assisted companies with identifying critical trends regarding their company culture, performance management and values and individual- and team measurements to determine strengths and development areas.

As a coach and thinking partner he draws on his working experience over the past 25 years, which includes various senior management positions in blue chip organisations in South Africa in the mining sector (gold, platinum & manganese), as well as in the insurance sector.

Johan’s passion is to create a safe space for individuals to explore possibilities, connect to their purpose and achieve balance that will maximise fulfilment in their lives. He assists his clients to define their current reality, to compare it with their desired future and to draw up a plan to fill the gap.

Chantelle Solomon

Chantelle Solomon

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator | CA(SA) South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, MPhil Management Coaching USB (2017)

Chantelle’s coaching is informed by nearly twenty years of finance experience in the international corporate world which encompassed leadership positions at all levels of business, including directorship. Within a business coaching context, she believes in mutually beneficial outcomes for both the organisation and the individual being coached.

Chantelle uses an integrated model, assisting people to grow their self-awareness, reflect on and make sense of their experiences from multiple perspectives, think about what options and choices are available to them, and take practical, actionable steps towards their goals.

Her coaching is influenced by her core values of trust, authenticity and respect for people. She is fascinated with people’s development journeys. Her passion is moving people forward towards their goals for growth and development within their particular context.

Maryke Burnett

Maryke Burnett

Consultant, Facilitator, Coach | BA (NWU – South Africa) BA Honours (UNISA South Africa), MBA (La Trobe, Australia)

Maryke has been involved in the futuristic topic of engaging virtually and has helped trainers/leaders and coaches adopting virtual strategies in a changing workplace. Optimal virtual relationships are possible and improves productivity for coach/leader and client/report and Maryke has gained many global accolades for ground breaking work with all who feel unfamiliar with all the new virtual mediums and who like to improve their confidence and skill via technical meeting platforms for continuous results.

She has a sound track record of creating internal coaching programs for international companies and integrating these with the back bone of the company systems and processes to create continuous and sensible accountability and traction for the coaching projects to drive internal expert topics the company needs for survival in their respective industries
The adaption and simplifying of theoretical coaching approaches to dovetail with company business architecture for ultimate results, is a topic that she has been passionate and successful in for many years. Her portfolio and exposure reaches more than 25 countries worldwide.

As an Executive coach, she specialises exclusively in the Female Mobility and Agility Coaching to enable women to take their rightful place at the corporate table. Her coaching approach with women in corporate career paths, focuses on enhancing the strong competencies women bring to the working environment and counterbalance the female traits that can be obstacles in the career journey. She has extensive coaching experience in working in cultural, global and pressurised environments and she is a master at helping women identify a pragmatic and clear approach in defining and managing their internal reputation and road to success, while often also managing additional responsibilities beyond their corporate role.

Working Languages: English and Afrikaans

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