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Reinhard Peter Moors  M.A.

Professional Coach | Thinking Partner | Yoda |

Master’s Degree (Professional Coaching) Middlesex University – London UK

Internationale Gesellschaft für Philosophische Praxis

I am recognized internationally as a professional executive coach, although I see myself also as a practitioner of life philosophy. I follow a multi-faceted coaching approach underpinned by Experiential Learning, Constructivism, Holism and Existential Philosophy

What are some of the questions my clients want to answer?

What is the meaning of my life? Is this the best solution to the problem? How can coach more effectively? How do I find happiness? Am I in the right career? How do I become a good leader? Am I free or trapped? How can I handle conflict in a better way? Which strategy is the better one? What will I do when I retire?  How do I excel at what I do? Am I an Entrepreneur? What are my strengths and how do I develop them? How do I parent kids? Who am I? How do I succeed in relationships?  What should I study? What are my blind spots? How do I stand up for myself? How do I grow in my character? How do I gain courage to tackle the big questions in my life?  Can I really change my weaknesses, or should I just accept them as fate?  Am I the person I would like to be? Is the earth flat? Why can guilt be both good and bad and how does this affect me? How do I motivate others? Do I need therapy? How do I build authentic, successful relationships? Am I free or trapped? Am I too hard on myself?

How does coaching work?

As a Coach, Reinhard will support, facilitate, and encourage you to find your own solutions to challenges and problems through raising your self-awareness, facilitating your own skills development and encouraging you to take responsibility for your own achievements. Sessions are either face to face or Virtual on TEAMS or ZOOM. Please email me at to make an appointment.

Why do I believe that I can help you?

I have been working with the learning and development of individuals and groups for more than 30 years. I hold a master’s degree in professional coaching. I am passionate walking a road of discovery with my clients, assisting them with living for meaning and purpose, as well as their career development. I also work with his clients in their roles with their families.

As a Coach, I worked with:

  • Leaders and other individuals as a thinking partner on topics of leadership, innovation, strategy, career development, relationships, meaningful living, and other difficult life decisions. (+3000 hours)
  • Managers – facilitating Coaching and Mentoring Skills Workshops for managers. (+1500 hours)
  • Coaches – Supervision for coaches on personal skills development and client work. (+200 hours)

For more information on my work and recommendations from clients please click:  Reinhard Peter Moors

 A bit more about me

“I am married to a wonderful woman and have two sons; I enjoy and cherish the time I have with them. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking and clay pigeon shooting. I lecture at various academic institutions in the field of coaching, as well as facilitating in-house corporate workshops on coaching for leaders. I also do motivational talks on philosophy and the practical application thereof to our life and work situations”.

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