Chantelle Solomon

Chantelle Solomon

Executive Coach | Team Development Enabler | CA(SA). Master’s degree Management Coaching USB (2017)

I am passionate about shifting individuals, leaders, and teams towards their aspirations for growth and development within their particular context.  My integrated approach to coaching draws from a variety of coaching and leadership schools, while being grounded in Experiential Learning, Neuro-Linguistic, Cognitive Behavioural, and Conversational Intelligence principles.  My core values of trust, authenticity, care, and respect for people underpin my coaching relationships.

I enable leaders to grow their leadership capacity and capability, making the shift from ‘doing’ leadership to ‘being’ leadership that empowers them to step into their potential and be their best selves in their various contexts. I thrive on helping individuals and teams to have conversations that strengthen relationships to achieve better outcomes. I co-create with teams to catalyse the trust, collective leadership and learning of the team to enable value creation that benefits a wider group of stakeholders now and in the future. I apply a systemic lens in partnering with leaders and teams enabling a focus on the connections and relationships between leader, the team, and the wider systems supporting the collaborative effort.

My coaching is informed by nearly twenty years of finance experience in the international corporate world which encompassed leadership positions at all levels of business, including directorship. As an executive coach and development enabler, I have engaged with leaders, teams, and young talent in companies across the following sectors: Petrochemical, Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and NGO.

I love making memories! So, I value family time with my husband and our boys, good food with family and friends, camping and travel. More recently I’m really enjoying Korean drama series.

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