Innovation Leadership

Innovation Leadership – 1 day workshop

The future growth of a company or organisation will be defined by the level of innovation in that company or organisation. With this in mind, how do we ensure that we are consistently embracing innovation at work? In an interview with the McKinsey Quarterly (Nov 2008), Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, holds that it is the senior leadership team who determine the level of innovation in organisations. Innovation is most powerful when it works from the inside out, because it brings ownership, responsibility and sustainability to the process.

When leaders and others in organisations understand that innovation is a function of how they think and act, then the organisation can move into the paradigm of industry leader.

Objectives for Innovation Leadership Workshop

  • Define Innovation and Innovation Leadership
  • Have a customer focused approach to Innovation
  • Manage failure in the Innovation process
  • Deal with resistance to change rising from Innovation
  • Build and leading creative teams
  • Understand how to build a culture of sustainable Innovation in an organisation

Who should attend?

  • Executives
  • Department Heads
  • Managers

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