Design Thinking Facilitation

Most organisations are familiar with brainstorming as a means to generate new ideas. Brainstorming is a useful tool but it also has its limitations when we need to come up with creative new solutions, services, and products. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to use the leading and practical tools and techniques employed by global leaders in innovation and creativity.

  1. Appreciate the rules of Engagement to a Think Tank
  2. Identify Opportunities and Problems using a SWOT-PESTLE Matrix
  3. Understand the Problem
    1. Root Cause Analysis
    2. Familiarise yourself with Fishbone Diagrams
    3. Design a Fishbone Diagram for your specific company
  4. Ideation Using Problem solving techniques
    1. 4 R’s
    2. Idea Box
    3. Mind Mapping
    4. Storytelling
    5. Modelling
  5. Implement
    1. Understand the concepts of the Innovation Funnel
    2. Identifying Stage Gates
    3. Creating an Ideas Bank
    4. Build your own Innovation Funnel
    5. Prototyping
  6. Evaluation and Future Learning 

Who should attend?

  • Senior managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders

To apply please send an email to

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