Existential Coaching

Existentialism is the study of life and existence in a meaningful manner that will make both the individual and the community prosper.

The Existential Coach will partner with you to find your answers to courageously endeavour on this journey called life, with all its fears, trials, and also joys. The end goal is being content when looking back, knowing that, in a small way, you made it a better place.

SOME QUESTIONS COULD BE: What is the meaning of my life? How do I find happiness? Am I in the right career? Am I free or trapped? What will I do when I retire? How do I parent kids? Who am I? What should I study? How do I stand up for myself? How do I gain the courage to tackle the big questions in my life? Can I really change my weaknesses, or should I just accept them as fate? Am I the person I would like to be? Why can guilt be both good and bad, and how does this affect me? Do I need therapy? How do I build authentic, successful relationships? Am I free or trapped? Am I too hard on myself?

Existential Coaches are well versed in the art of coaching and have an in-depth understanding of existential philosophy. As this work is often a deeper journey into life and its complexities, the existential coach is supported by supervisors and mentors to aid her/him.

We would advise you to do your research before choosing a coach for this journey.

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